Jack D | Senior Solutions Life

Prior to YIG, I worked at another agency that claimed to have a system that worked. Unfortunately, the system did not allow me to make the type of money that I need to make. When I applied to YIG, Matt told me that if I followed the system that is in place, I could have the potential of making the high levels of income that I want and need. That definitely got my attention. I know that selling anything is a numbers game. The more activity, the more chances you have to achieve. However, if you don’t work at it, you will not succeed. I followed the system that was already in place by utilizing the ongoing training and extensive website sales tools and making sure I had enough leads and in the first couple weeks I’m already producing very impressive income. I have an attitude of gratitude and I am grateful for the opportunity at YIG, not only to provide for my family, but to help clients sleep better at night.
Thank you, Matt W. and YIG!!!!