Joe S | Senior Solutions Life

Thank you for your patience with the testimony, bit of a crazy week. I want to share about my first 2 weeks first, then I will continue updating each week.

As I mentioned in our earlier conversation, my transition from my previous company to YIG could not be going any better. I spent over a year working for a large corporate conglomerate and became very well versed in the insurance industry. Certainly there was a level of success with this firm, but when I learned of what was available at YIG, it really was a no brainer to partner with the leadership and be part of something special.

The thing that impressed me a great deal from the beginning was the amount of work that went into the back office- the resource center that was put together for the agents. Everything has been thought of and included allowing even the newest agent to enter the marketplace and have success, assuming one invests the time into themselves and really goes through all that is available. The support from management is second to none and any questions I have had along the way have been answered immediately.

In addition to the resources and system the leadership has put in place for us, we are also partnered with a few of the top rated insurance companies in the industry, allowing a product to be available to just about anyone we meet with. And the star of the show for experienced or new agents has to be the lead generation system put together for agents of YIG. No matter how educated and knowledgeable you are in this business, if you are not able to get yourself in front of clients, it’s useless information. Everything has been thought of and put into effect to insure our success, all I have to do each day is get up and take care of the members in my community in which I am fortunate enough to meet.

I am beyond excited about my future at YIG. I have spent many years looking for that opportunity that just felt like a perfect fit. It is very easy for me to say after just a few weeks that I have found my home. In my first two weeks, I closed 6 cases for 4600 AP, which has payed me $4100. It has been said that we grow in direct proportion to the number of people we meet and serve. With the plan I have in place, I am certain that I will earn a 6 figure income this year. Thank you YIG, my family and I thank you.