Martin C. | Senior Solutions Life

I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you and the Managing Partners of Your Insurance Group for working so diligently in creating an incredible opportunity where an independent agent can truly flourish. And, create a thriving business while working for themselves but not by themselves.
The combination of the multitude of companies, policy types, commission structure, support through the robust website and strategy-filled weekly training webinars as well as the exceptional lead generation system is one that
no other agency has even come close to offering.

In just over 4 weeks, I have written 70 applications and $55,217 in Whole Life/Final Expense premium. I’ve done so by dogmatically and diligently following the ‘system’ that has been obviously and painstakingly researched, tried, proven and documented for me and my fellow YIG Agents to follow.

As suggested by other top agents, I have a recurring lead order of the numerous lead types that YIG offers; from each type of the $29.75 fresh direct mail and overflow leads, the $20 fresh pre-recorded leads and the $15 pre-set appointments. I also try to buy all the $2.33 direct mail B leads that come available in my area. By doing all of this every week, I estimate my lead cost is somewhere in the neighborhood of $9.65 per lead. By being very consistent with my lead orders, it affords me the ability to have more than enough people to see on a daily basis, which in turn gives me the opportunity to present to, and help several seniors start policies everyday.

Working within the proven YIG system allows me to consistently sell a tremendous amount of premium each week, which in turn generates an awesome income for me and my family.

Thanks again!
Martin C.