Ed L | Senior Solutions Life

I wanted to write and thank you for all you and the YIG team have done for my agency and me. When I first met you we were not writing any life or annuities at all. We are on target to write $1 million in life and $4-5 million in annuities. It’s hard to put into words what our relationship with you and YIG has meant. The leads we receive are 2nd to none, and at the best price I have seen in my 13 years of being in the insurance industry. The training is phenomenal, and the support we receive from you, Teresa, and all of YIG is awesome. Now you have added Robert Treo and JP Jones to mentor us on selling annuities and IUL’s, the only thing you could do to top all of this is to go out and write the business for us. Thank you so much for your leadership, honesty and integrity, these qualities are hard to find in this industry. I am pleased to have the partnership with YIG and encourage anyone who is looking for a home to come on board.